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Hi guys. I'm one of the dickheads that makes money out of placing digital ads. Dropping cookies and tracking pixels for a buck.

As of late, I've been making dollars for getting people to install mobile apps on their phones. They call it user acquisition, I call it easy money.

I do other things too though... but generally it boils down to one thing: Growing email databases to make someone else more money.

Eight years ago I sold a list for 20k. The list: people who go on diets.

Hi Gruso!

So, an update! Things have been going pretty well. I've negotiated 4 day weeks at work. The 5th day I will be working on my own business and side projects.

Which brings me to the pitch.

If you have a mobile app (published on either app store) and want to acquire some users give me a shout. My time won't cost you anything. The deal is I'll use you as a case study. I have some but want moar.

Also hit me up if you just want free consulting about mobile app user acquisition and don't know where to start.