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Awesome, thanks for that. I did some reading based off posts above. Looks like Fuji Track seemed like the best bang for buck. Might hold off until I can afford $400 instead of $200, seems like most $200 have a halfway decent frame with shit components. Probably prefer to just buy a halfway decent everything.

Yeah Fuji's are pretty good. Got a single speed Avanti a while back.... similar spec to the Fuji offerings. Has been thrashed. Replaced the pedals, seat and bar tape and left everything else. Is a quality bike.


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Decided to get cheap single speed to cruise around on in the meantime before I get around to building one.

Budget of $500 max. Can get heaps of rubbish for under $500 but surprisingly not too many half decent options.

Narrowed it down to a choice between an SE Lager, Avanti Solo or a Fuji Declaration. Weight, build quality/finish and quality of components is pretty much the same with the Solo and the Fuji but I preferred the Solo's ride over the Fuji so ended up getting one.

Also, it saves me having to change the Fuji's bars to Bullhorns which I would have done anyways because bullhorns are fucking awesome. Going to eventually upgrade a couple of parts but will pretty much leave it stock otherwise.