^^ the issue with those ones is that they all popped up about 4 years ago when fixies became cool. they've got no reputation, they aren't a cycle company they're a bandwagon dealer riding the back of a popularity wave.

basically it's impossible to know what the quality will be like from the specs. you could probably buy 10 (of the no-name) bikes, put them through their paces with 10 heavy riders and 6 may fail, 4 may last a while.... but you've got no idea. with a company like Fiji, they've made bikes for a long time and they have the reputation.

with everything that moves, the crank and bearings may be a POS, they may be OK, but you won't know until it arrives. With Fiji you have a fair idea of what quality you're going to get, if you don't, a bike store will.

also they say fixie too much their about us page. Also they have no information on their frame quality, component quality....

re fuji: I haven't kept up to date in the last few years, but Fuji used to have great bikes from the base model up. you can do a lot worse than buying one of them.

second hand units are obviously better value but you can sit for ages while one appears that suits your needs.
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