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Hi guys,

For the most part around ITM the consolidations haven't really had too much impact on the end user, however we always knew that putting these 3 genre forums together had the possibility of 'teething problems'.

This I believe is based on the passion we have for the music we love.

I wanted to create a forum where people can openly discuss and suggest ways in which we can create a welcoming environment in here where.

Do we continue to behave as separate entities or try and break down the barriers?

What's the best way of creating discussion about the artists, djs, producers and sounds we love?

What would you like to see in here?

ps. For what it's worth, i don't want this new forum to be completely beige where opinions aren't allowed to be expressed.

I doubt that will happen with a couple of us Can't beat a good robust discussion from time to time

It seems as though we are just still looking at our own threads etc. But I think it will merge a little more as we go along. I know quite a few of the prog people like some techno as well, the trend towards a more melodic techno has pulled me in a bit. It will work better as we start to use some of the things from the old forums like the new releases etc. It's just remembering. Hopefully the Artist Archive might come in handy for others Particularly as things drop off the page quicker now.
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