i started the switch from digital to vinyl last year, i've now got to the stage where i've only shopped on beatport twice in the last 6 months.

as the other guys have suggested, decks.de deejay.de and juno are probably the best, and shipping is a pain....just make sure you buy a decent number (at least 10) so the shipping gets spread out a bit more. it actually works out close to the same to what you'd pay in an australian store.

as for Aust based stores, there's a few good 2nd hand stores around but its really hard to find good stuff. Melbournes got a few decent shops for new stuff, but not much of a range, Sydney has one shop...but mostly dnb / bass.

Adelaide though, has transition records.....which is amazing

At this point i wont point out that i have at least 6 amazing record shops in a 15 minute bike ride from my apartment
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