well i had a look at those other sites they look good but just a fraction more expensive than juno from what i saw but a good selection of tunes will give them a try in future for sure i always get at least 10 or so at a time myself cause yeah its way better for shipping i just don't have the time to go in and shop these days.

i used to love going in to reachin,one stop,central ,bpm and browse for hrs then i used to shop at vinyl warning online that was pretty good but when they went closed that i stopped buying plus having a newborn in the house slows the mixing so now my sons a bit older i got some time again to mix

i did find some cracking tunes on juno download last night but struggled on beatport think i might do my digital shopping there now

does anyone know another download sites with quality house and techno i can only remember trackitdown
funk you