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Yah, $16.50 per plate landed is great...last buying 12"s from bricks and mortar store they were $22-$25 each. I just can't justify it anymore...buy a lot of LPs, but there's value there...some have been as low as $30-$35 for a double plate release of a full 12-16 song album complete with a digital download code...$25 for ONE 12" single...pass

Jeez 25$ for a 12" is pretty steep. Was that recently?

I try to keep standard 12"s at 18$ but there's no way I can compete with those online vending machines doing them for $16.50, In fact I can't really compete with them on range, price, or upfront release dates. And sometimes they'll buy an entire pressing, leaving none left for anyone else. So fucked.

Australia is an expensive place to do business. Import duty, GST, and inner-city rents killers. But the laughs and the characters make it all worth while