Behind The Lyric 34- Angelique Bergere, Tasadi, Rhea Raj, & more!

Tuesday, Sept.2 on DI.FM :

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Featuring exclusive interviews with:

Angelique Bergere, Tasadi, Marcie, Rhea Raj, Carol Hahn, Angelica Di Castro, & Kelly Pepper.

Air dates on over 40 FM & internet stations to follow. Please keep an eye on for updated information!

Track list:
01 Markus Schulz feat. Angelique Bergere- Lifted (Album Mix)
02 Markus Schulz feat. Angelique Bergere- Lightwave (Album Mix)
03 Rene Ablaze & Marcie Joy- My Life (Aimoon Remix)
04 Tasadi Ruins of Lemuria
05 Tasadi feat. Christina Novelli- Seventh Kingdom
06 Liam Shachar feat. Marcie- If You Return
07 Rhea Raj - Electric (Adam Cooper Remix)
08 Dirtie Deejays & Carol Hahn- Share Your Love
09 Carol Hahn & Karin Nagi- You Have Rescued Me
10 Bozon Higgs feat. Marcie- Like You Did Before
11 Yohann Mills feat. Angelica Di Castro- Beautiful Feeling
12 Kelly Pepper- Drop The Bomb (Yohann Mills Edit)

(Host: Marcie; Engineered by: Martech)