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hmmm....decisions decisions.

option 1:
rock up to the club with pre-analysed tracks on USB keys. plug into CDJs. rock the crowd.

option 2:
rock up to the club with an S8. plus a laptop. plus cabling and and anything else you might need to plug into the sound system. potentially do all of this in the dark. worry about your kit getting messed up/stolen etc. convicing promoters/club management to let you do this mid set if you are playing after someone.

i think i know which option i'd be leaning towards.

This makes it sound like it's the most pain staking thing ever.. when really it's simple.. I generally ask the DJ before me if I can plug in the RCA & after that I'm in my own space setting my stuff up.. It's not THAT difficult.. Or that much of a burden for the previous DJ to step away from the mixer for a minute or two.. Never had any issues even in tiny booths..
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