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This makes it sound like it's the most pain staking thing ever.. when really it's simple.. I generally ask the DJ before me if I can plug in the RCA & after that I'm in my own space setting my stuff up.. It's not THAT difficult.. Or that much of a burden for the previous DJ to step away from the mixer for a minute or two.. Never had any issues even in tiny booths..

^^i dont think the S8 is a bad product, and i'll probably get one sooner or later. in fact i love NI products - i am huge fan and user of Traktor and have been for years. but the problem here is not the products NI have. i just cant see myself rocking up to a club with a ton of kit. the problem here is really the pragmatics of using these products in the club scene, regardless of how good they are. setting up a controller and laptop mid-set can be a pain, and yes it would be pain staking - maybe not the most painstaking thing ever, but annoying and inconvenient as hell nevertheless. the S4 has a big footprint. the S8 has even a bigger footprint. the only way i can see NI making inroads into the club scene with this controller is if they started either giving them away to established clubs to install or selling them to clubs at a heavily discounted price to those clubs, so they can have them pre-installed, pre-wired to the sound system and ready to go in the booth. pioneer had the strategy of plug and play down pat with the combination of rekordbox and cdjs. how often do you have to rock up to a club with your own cdjs and mixer? like never right? you just rock up with your tunes. no fuss, just plug and play. changeovers easily done. that said, i think where the S8 could potentially dominate and start becoming a standard is in the mobile dj/house party scene. i'd easily take one of these over a mixer and 2 cdjs to a party.