Well the statistics are out. All over the news this morning. 40% less drunk assault in kings cross area. And assaults are down across the city and state also.

The media this morning on morning shows, took the angle of it being a success.

These people have no idea. Have they been in the city. It is so quiet. Bars/clubs are emptier and the cross hahah. People don't even go there anymore. They start cleaning the streets about 5 hours earlier than they use to because no one is around.

I call it a failure on a international city. I am a bit of a gambler and the star. Wow they must be killing it. (Even more than ever before) the sports bar is pretty much a club now. Never used to be like that. And the outdoor smoking area beside the sports bar is full of your typical club goers.

So the government is turning music loving club goers into gamblers. Woohoo.