Glad to be up and running (well, glad for the old man to be up and running). But never use Spintel.

It was connected Monday last week, but we couldn't get the net working. Three days later they sent a text saying the phone was cut over. The phone was still dead on both copper & fibre, but the ADSL was still operating, so we decided to leave it for the weekend and see what happened. Come Monday (yesterday), phone still dead and ADSL down too.

Calls to after hours support were met with the old favourite "high volume of calls", followed by "call back later". Every night. So the old man finally got on the blower today, and after a full hour on hold was told that he merely needed the correct PPPoE login details, which the tech gave to him. This somewhat critical information was never communicated - no emails, no texts, no letters. No help on their site, no WP rep present in the past 3 months.

With the internet sorted, they turned to the phone issue. For some reason Spin has you connecting your phone to their provided D-Link modem, instead of the NTD as all the advice seems to suggest. And even after the guy attempted to configure it through Teamviewer, it's still dead.


[edit] So it's not uncommon to use the modem's VOIP port instead of the NTD's Uni-V. Anyway, service not registering, will let the old man battle it out with them in his ample free time.

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