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Ended it with the missus or dragging her back to the 1800s in WA with you?

started off like this...


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He's been on a 'I'm single now' bender for months.

But has been toned down since end of january. the holiday season was pretty hectic for me.


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What happened to the ballin' real estate gig? You saw the light and that real estate agents are the scum of the earth?

It was an awesome gig for the time i did it, but i was on call basically 24/7 and not really having a life or making the money to justify such time consumption. The cold truth is that you need a network and significant capital, neither of which i have here to really make my own name here.
Plus i just miss the beach and the 6 month summers in Perth. Ive had a good run in canada and regret nothing, but its time to think about the next 20 years for me.

One last summer here to send me off.


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Western Australian renaissance man (who knows that feel)


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Why do people call it a back pedal every time somebody explains themselves on the internet?