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I don't know, I flew jetstar I think.

Bali has changed though. Lots of antisocial europeans there now, heaps of Germans and Russians and they have horrible surf etiquette and even worse manners. They are so rude to the local people, I didn't like that part.

Also they are building an intercontinental hotel in Cangguu, so get in there while you can if you like that part ..

I just read an article recently about foreign land/property "ownership" in indonesia being in jeopardy through some potential new policy that has a lot of expats in bali sweating, and they mentioned the influx of bogan and culturally insensitive euros.... Such a fucking shame that a paradise like that is losing it's soul.

If i head back for a trip will definitely be getting away to some remote areas for waves without the bullshit. I have no interest in Kuta any more.


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Western Australian renaissance man (who knows that feel)


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Why do people call it a back pedal every time somebody explains themselves on the internet?