What is your magic touch?
So I'm a latecomer to the DJ game, relatively speaking. Been producing for 12 years, and a few years ago bought a Numark NS7 controller to start mixing and compliment my studio work.

Now here's the thing ...

I know how to drop Track B over the tail of Track A, cutting the bass from Track B until I wish to transition. I use Mixed In Key, and being musical I understand the principles of harmonic mixing. I've even taken to composing intros for my mixes.

As it stands however I'm still an uninspiring "meat and veg" DJ, and would like to learn a few tips and tricks for improving my mixes.

So without meaning to sound like someone asking a magician to pull back the curtain ... what is your magic touch? What is it you do that separates and elevates you from the bedroom DJs who just drop one track over another? What ace up your sleeve do you pull mid-set that makes others think "I'd like to sleep with that person"? And what is is that separates good DJs from a beat matching jukebox?

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