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Think I might finally sell off my CDJ-400s. The bonus of the size is that it appears to be as long as my Z2 mixer, so sorting out a road case shouldn't be too much of a hassle. It also has two USB ports on the back, so could even allow for daisy-chaining two X1's or two F1s off of it. Going to be about $700 here, but it looks like you could use the one controller to control two or more decks.

Seems pretty expensive considering what else is on the market, I'm not a DJ that's ever gonna use the stem stuff, just not my bag. The X DJ1000 seems like a better investment as a midi/USB player, sure the D2 will probably work well for 2 decks, but so does the old X1, and that's a third of the price. A lotta extra cash for a screen and a USB hub, and if you got two that's a fair bit of cash worth of gear to be dragging to clubs (~$3k including a laptop)

The more new products NI release the more I consider dropping Traktor and moving over to Rekordbox or Serato...but I'm sure they'll sell a ton.


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