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It is interesting how Aussies view physio's. In Japan the physio (Aussie guys/girls) told me to tell any Japanese person that I was seeing a 'sports doctor', initially I thought they were just pissing in their own pocket but when I mentioned physio to my translated her reply was 'oh good, so you are getting massages as well'

Einen Frau thought I was raving mad for not seeing a 'real' doctor in Japan and just going straight to a physio.

Yet every Aussie with a history of sporting injuries and an ex ARL player thought it was completely normal to bypass the GP initially.

All the gp does is have a look and if they can't diagnose anything medically wrong they just send you to a physio, who's job is to find structural or muscular issues. I'm starting to feel like I may have a disc problem in my back so I probably should get an ultrasound first.