Yeah, I was pretty dumbfounded...had only been learning to mix for about 3 weeks, was amazed at how he'd just fuck around with EQ'ing and having fun, then it was new track time and it was drop, wiggle wiggle wiggle, BAM up goes the fader within 5 seconds or so and then just rides it till he gets it locked...then he does the train wreck correct...insane!

Hmmm, no idea, possibly does a bit faster than normal, but shits going to wear no matter what you do really.

I’m pretty good with the quick riding and getting it close to locked, but the last few degrees of getting it nailed is so hard
Pete Gordon - Deep and Low

Slower tempo but still with balls, deephouse, slow-mo, futurehouse, nudeep, indie, nudisco, hints of progressive, whatever the fuck you want to call it, just good shit! Get on it