New hosting and software update incoming
Several weeks ago the ITM forum database reached the brink of collapse. Spoiler: It collapsed. You probably noticed this, because the site was chugging and/or not working for several days. Emergency works were carried out, including moving ITM (the whole site) to new hosting. But, for the forum at least, this was a temporary fix. The facts were this: Our database has topped 11 million posts. Our customised forum code is high maintenance. Dev resources are finite. And this will probably happen again.

Ian from HQ contacted me with a glorious plan: Move the forum to a vBulletin hosting plan. The benefits:
  • vBulletin version will jump from 3.8.8 to 5.0.6
  • Automatic updates, so we're always running the latest version
  • Shiny new features (this is crazy, but thread tagging maybe)
  • Much more access for admins (so we can fix or customise many things ourselves)
  • Responsive design (this means mobile friendly)

This bright future comes with a price, however. We can't take a massive 11 million post database with us. One of the great aspects of a forum is its archival nature, and losing any of our history is going to hurt. But we have to cull to move forward. Here is the plan:
  • Removal of all threads that have not been posted in since January 1 2007.
  • Removal of all pre-2013 threads from the DJ Booth, Buying & Selling, and Helpdesk
  • Purge a bunch of hidden / retired subforums. One million posts in this bullet point alone!

A full database backup (2001-present) has been made, so there will still be an archive. But if you would like an old thread to remain accessible after the migration, it will need some new posts in it. Just sayin'. Please be sensible.

I want to tip my hat to the team at HQ for devising this plan. There were easier paths to take, most of which would have ended badly for us. Instead we get new software, and more control over the site. I'm mildly giddy for the update. The dev team is also doing big work on the main site in the coming weeks, so expect a little more tumult and general weirdness.

I will update when we have a solid date on the upgrade.

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