I only joined ITM in 2006 and created my current account in 2007 :shobon: i'm actually kinda disappointed that a working forum probably means we'll be able to get away with less stupid shit like oversized avatars or exploiting the broken media tags for unintended uses. but if we get working media tags that mean we can do more shit without resorting to exploits that's mostly okay (just means no more autoplays ) just as long as likes are retained then it'll all be good (though if something should happen to astro's in the transfer i wouldn't mind)


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I still drop SKOG (moreso this) and STRONG SCAN in random work conversation. I'm hoping, one day, someone will look up in a meeting, smile and nod knowingly.

i used to practice my cool hobby from uni computer labs and hope that someone walking past would see itm on my monitor and be all "OMG UR THAT FUCKHEAD FROM THE INTERNET " but of course this was years ago back when a) people actually used itm, b) i hadn't yet met pretty much all of brisbane itm, c) people still used uni computer labs before lol laptops. triple post, ead mods tt oh oh oh!! i was reminded of just how fucked ITM's current youtube embeds are and how I had to craft some bespoke idiot workaround to make that shit work on a clean (free of adobe malware) computer. hopefully vbulletin in my butt is a bit smarter than that. quadruple post t tt tt tt tt tt
i know the first three numbers

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