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They're expensive for a uni student who wants to buy their library to play in public when I could sign up to one for $x a month for unlimited tracks.

$400 vs $65 for one month then a lower tier after I've got what I need and it's just discovering new music.

I'm just trying to be smart with the money I have.

If you ever buy $400 worth of a tunes in a month you probably need better QC.

Look around for a few decent compilations or packs on digital stores, the bulk of the tunes that a lotta the big record pools have are terrible, you're not going to stand out at all, plus a lot of the tunes on smaller labels won't be on the pools, meaning you miss a big point of difference. Plus I can guarantee if you get 300-400 tunes in one hit you'll never know your tracks that well and will end up with a bloated collection of shit you don't play and don't remember.

I was a uni student when I started (as most probably were) and like RK said, it's a helluva lot easier now, took me months to build a decent collection of tunes, but I knew each and everyone back to back. Sometimes shortcuts aren't the best idea.