Out Now: A.B 'The Future Of Sound'/'Salvation'

A: A.B Feat. Sarah - 'The Future Of Sound'

The ‘Future Of Sound’ is here, and it blends genres and breaks down boundaries like only a Stamina Records release can! Featuring the spoken word talents of Sarah and penned by the man with all the Stamina, A.B, our 27th release lets loose and tests the definition of free-of-form music to the maximum. With influences from UK hardcore, hardstyle, house and beyond, this Yin cut is a futuristic vision of the power of music when pigeonholing is put paid to; play it in any #170 set and watch the euphoria levels rise as the bass kicks in! Forget the past – a new chapter from Stamina Records is born – this is the future of sound!

View the video here: http://youtu.be/_2-VV7hjxuo

AA: A.B - 'Salvation'

Complementing and completing the 27th Stamina Records release in true Yang fashion, A.B takes things back to the dancefloor in the form of the pure freeform banger that is ‘Salvation’. Big mainroom riff work is flanked by squealing acid, tear-out rippin’ bass, a huge breakdown and much much more – in short all the essential ingredients needed to rip the roof off a set in seconds! Drop this and watch the reaction as hands hit the air truly searching for salvation as the serotonin strikes. The deliverance from the power and penalty of sin is in your hands – play God as the DJ and elevate your set with another Stamina Records best.

View the video here: http://youtu.be/X9Smbp3Q1N0

Pick up the full release on WAV, MP3 or full-colour pro-printed CD single from Stamina Records here: http://bit.ly/STM027