This is the 20th and final episode of my Channel Pulse podcast series! I listen to lots of different styles of techno and this mix reflects that, starting with some deep atmospheres and building up into trippy chaos, broken beats and full power concrete techno. 2 hours, 37 tracks, all vinyl, one take. Hope you enjoy!

<<<<< TRACKS >>>>>
Shifted - Untitled [Unknown Precept]
Voices From The Lake - 01. 12. N. [Prologue]
Elyas - Olympian 2.1 [Olympian]
Robin de Freitas - Twitch [Ante Rasa]
Antigone - The Wizard [Construct Re-Form]
Hakimonu - Insular Realms (Deep’a & Biri version) [Black Crow]
Blue Hour - Track 2 [Blue Hour]
Bleak - Rampage [Naura]
Tricaustic - Caustic Mist [Komisch]
Teste - The Wipe (Rrose Version) [Edit Select]
Shlømo - Radioactive Sin [Taapion]
Dadub - Existence (Kangding Ray remix) [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Vril - Portal 2 [Delsin]
Svreca - Sleepless [Semantica]
Pris - Pencil Pusher [Resin]
A Vision Of Love - Black & Blue (For You)
NX1 - PR3 [Planete Rouge]
Kareem - Jet Set (Northern Structures remix) [Overdraw]
Anthony Parasole & Phil Moffa - Pitched Black [The Corner]
Terence Fixmer - Moments [On & On]
PMH - Entrance (Sleeparchive remix) [Finitude Music]
War Easy Made - Track 2 [War Easy Made]
Echologist - Burn Permit [Geophone]
Kobosil - Osmium [Unterton]
Kwartz - Tension [Sonntag Morgen]
CTRLS - Externalizer [Token]
Sleeparchive - Fifth Station [Repitch]
Mutate - Circle 3 [Blank Code]
Adam X - In A Race Against Time [Sonic Groove]
Diagenetic Origin - Question [Sonic Groove]
D. Carbone - Track 1 [Repitch]
AnD - New World Order [Repitch]
Sigha - Loop One [Avian]
Surgeon - Shaper Of The Unknown [Counterbalance]
British Murder Boys - Anti Inferno [Counterbalance]
Byetone - T-E-L-E-G-R-A-M-M [Raster Noton]
2562 - New Life [When In Doubt]

Karl O'Connor '99 - '15 (tribute mix) | Soundcloud | Anomaly

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