Agree with what everyone else has said. Track selection (something I definitely need to work on) is going to help you bundles.

If you can nail that, THEN MIK is going to know, horse before cart sort of thing.
  • Know your tracks (where vocal come in; where the breaks are)
  • Mix genres by all means, but:
    • tech > tech > tech > tech-house > breaks > breaks > deep house is gonna sound better than
    • tech-house > funky house > breaks > tech > dubstep > IDM > drum'n'bass (read: sounding like you've a tick)
  • Stuff loops and effects. Just play tracks out. Once you're happy with your beat mixing, see about holding mixes for longer than 4 bars
  • Better than staying out the red, see if you can monitor your cued track and keep it in the GREEN
  • Consider your slopes. Easy your cued track in just a bit every bar or fourth. As a producer, you're familiar with summing, yeah? Don't jack both channels up to 100%...ease the main and level the cue before dropping one or the other
  • Consider the 'energy' rating provided by MIK, and see about managing your peaks and troughs