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just scrape them yourself, gosh

Sounds like a plan. Let me get back soon.

Gruso, hypothetically if a method were produced to archive all the things in such a way that they:
A) Cost ITM nothing
B) Dont consume DB resources
C) Are made freely available to anyone (ie no ads)
D) Does not in any way infringe on ITM trademark/copyright content (ie it is an exact copy of the many threads on ITM as they are shown today in our browsers) with full credit going to ITM.
E) Is not modified in any form but simply flat-filed and presented on the internets

Do you believe the ITM peeps would be open to that? Can you pass it on?

IF this could be done, happy to dedicate my time/resources/expertise/money to make it happen. ITM is a great community, I have met so many amazing people through it and it was ultimately what gave birth to the best years of my life (to date). I would hate to see so much of it washed away knowing I perhaps could have done something to save it :-(



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hardstyle does have melodies they're just really retarded