Awesome of you to offer this Seamus. I don't want to lose our history either.

I don't think HQ would have a problem with it. I've been told there was / will be a full db backup taken - pre-2007 and all. Getting hold of that would be much better than a scrape. (A scrape is doable, but I have NFI about the time needed to do it, or what kind of storage one would need. RWS has scraped some threads in the past for posterity - they displayed a little broken without all the custom CSS and junk but they were readable archives).

The problem. I haven't gotten any response out of HQ since I posted this thread in May. It's pretty disheartening to have made this announcement, made a bunch of promises (it'll only cost you half your history!), and then it's see you next Tuesday. Even if they were amenable to handing over the pre-2007 db, they're not available to tell me. Maybe a scrape is the way, or maybe everything's just going to stay as it is.

In the meantime, we need to make some more moves with the few tools we have at our disposal. General, FP&T, CA&P are dead as doornails, and E&A is barely ticking over. We tried not to get too aggressive with these in the first merge, but I think it's time to bring them together in one discussion area.