Our website provider just went bust - cheap arse dodgy ****s. So I had to scrape the site (we didn't have access to log in & download it all), and then haxxor it to remove basically all ecommerce & js functions coz it was broken anyway from bits i couldn't scrape.

In the process i fixed a couple of design shitbits that they wouldn't fix (told the girls that it couldn't be changed). A few hours of my time - mostly spent trying to sort through the messy code, coupled with getting my brain to dig up all that coding i used to do for shits & giggles 15+ years ago, and when i dicked around with some newer css features for a bit last year for something to do - and it's sorted.

Most of the stuff they "couldn't change" was easy - simple colour changes in css. Some other a few div layout mods which I had fun getting my head around. Hacked it good enough but there's probably an easier way. Well laid-out code would've helped.

Cool story. It was fun for something different to my normal day job