Welcome to the Main Room!
Welcome to the Main Room, the conversation location for anything that doesn't have its own section on the forum. Come here to discuss current events, TV and movies, food and travel, cats and internet, or whatever else you'd like. This venue is exempt from lockout laws, and serves double shots around the clock.

You will notice that forum navigation dropdown menu has not been updated to show the Main Room yet. This needs to be done by HQ, so you know that could take a while. The "General" link will bring you here until that happens. (The forum index page, and the quick jump menu at the bottom, will already match the updated layout).

Note: A number of previously pinned threads have been unpinned to reduce clutter while we decide how to handle them. Here are the direct links in the meantime:

Bonus tip: This search query is a great way to see new posts across all sections. I use it as my ITM bookmark these days. (Searches put load on the server, so I wouldn't be recommending it if we had high traffic. But I think we'll be okay.)

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