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Spintel verdict:


1. Internet speed issue is caused by congestion in our wholesaler's network (Optus) with an estimated time of repair on April 2016.
2. You opted to leave SpinTel without any termination Fee or 30 days notice.

April 2016. Those poor, clueless souls who will be dealing with this until then. Despite the free pass I'm tempted to contact the TIO anyway. What a shit operation.

So I started shopping around again last night, which mostly involved a few hours reading Whirlpool. It seems like this issue isn't limited to shitcan providers like Spintel. Massive bandwidth demands (Netflix) and high CVC costs mean that almost all providers are susceptible to the problem. Especially the resellers, and that's most of them.

Remember the dozens of small time mobile phone providers running on resold, choked up Optus bandwidth? They're back, in NBN form.

I'm trying to scrape together a list of providers that buy direct from NBNco. It's looking to be a pretty short list that includes Telstra and Skymesh among others. The latter seems to be universally praised (so much so that I started to wonder if it was a military grade astroturfing operation). I'm thinking they're worth a shot though, and there's no lock-in.

Here's a really interesting blog post from back in July, explaining how the current CVC model isn't sustainable. It's short and digestible so I won't tl;dr it: