Learnings. There are hardly any providers who use their own backhaul. These ones do, and for me at least, this makes it the shortlist for ISP shopping:
  • Aussie Broadband
  • iiNET/Internode
  • Optus
  • SkyMesh
  • Telstra
  • TPG

Some others have their own backhaul from limited POIs, but resell in other areas. These include:
  • Harbour ISP
  • Activ8me

The other three squillion popup providers are Crazy Johns and should probably be avoided. Disclaimers: List is based on WP advice and may not be complete or accurate. Also, going with a provider that has their own infrastructure is no guarantee that there won't be congestion issues.

Anyway, the old man is going to give Skymesh a crack.