Really glad that Australia has a webpage dedicated to EDM and stuff. I noticed that most EDM sites in the area are down or no longer updating. Geographically Australia is somewhat isolated from the rest of the planet, but that shouldn't really be the case. I've traveled in this region, the Americas and Europe all my life.....I can honestly say that it's an incredibly HUGE WORLD.

Alot of Cultural differences........... like any area South of North America. It's very exclusive to understand and get into. Things that may seem like it's hostility is in fact something else. Sometimes it's a Nationality Cultural things..........sometimes its as exclusive as understanding the dynamics of popular culture. It's not just something you can jump into.

This is just an example though, I'm certain Australia is the same way. I'm mentioning this because most of the places I've been have a totally different region/country that is only divided by a wall/border. Australia and other countries have border's based on large bodies of it gets lonely in that prespective.

I find being dedicated to "Guide(s)" is very helpful than venturing out on your own, less obstacles to worry about and it's just more fun.

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