Djing with mobile device
I like to know everyone's thoughts on using mobile devices ( iPhone and iPad ) to dj with..

Over 4 to 5 weeks I been testing , using my iPad to dj with and on the weekend I did my first gig with my iPad
At the start of the night I got to the bar/club early so I could setup..there was some other dj there having a drink
So I went over to say Hi..
One of them asked if I was working that night ...I said "yes ...7.00 till 11.30 "
He said ." what are you using to Dj with " I pull out my two Serato midi controller from my bag ( a Akai AMX serato mixer and my Pioneer DDJ SP 1 midi pad controller )
He said " cool I use Serato to.".......
I said " I use Serato ...but not tonight "
...he said " What "....
I said " not laptop for me tonight " and pull out my iPad mini from my bag
And then the look he give was like ,I killed his mother and f**ked her dead body ....I said "what's that look for "
He said " I would never dj with a iPad "....I said "why not "
He said " because the iPad is not powerful enough to dj with and no time code vinyl control "
I said " billshit ...I can do anything on a iPad you can do on a laptop ....even Serato time code vinyl control "
He said " show me " ..
So I plugged the bars tec 1200 turntables into my Akai AMX and plunged the pioneer DDJ sp1 and the Akai AMX to my iPad by a USB hub ...then put two Serato vinyl on the 1200 and start mixing and scratching ....he was like "Wow ..I didn't know you can do that with a iPad "..... "But what if something happens to your iPad ...what's your plan B "
So I unplugged the iPad and plugged in my iPhone...and did a mix and a scratch to show him that you don't need a laptop to dj with

So what is everyone thoughts on using mobile devices to dj with