help with a new dj set-up?
hey guys,

I'm looking at getting some new gear - for the past 4 years I've let my interest in djing sit by the sidelines as sell myself to the man and finish a bs uni degree. So naturally i have been out of the loop for a while regarding gear and set-ups.

Anyways, now that im finished im so keen to get back on the scene.

Over the years, ive had heaps of different set ups - CDJ1000S and mixer, apc40 with ableton, midi contollers with serato itch, NI Maschine and curently have an S4 with Traktor.

But now Im looking at getting something that i can translate my set from the bedroom to the club easy enough.

Ideally i dont want to invest in a set of CDJ2000s and a DJM 900 or whateveer, but from what I can see, the DDJ-SZ is the closest thing to this.

all i really want is something that is similar enough to what would be in most clubs (cdj2000s + djm mixer) so that i am familiar enough to know my way around the mixer/cdj in the club environment.

And another important thing for me is to be able to bring in my tracks on usb with my cue points(/maybe even loops) saved on them. or i imagine it would be easy enough to bring my laptop with my saved cues/loops in serato or traktor and use that through the cdjs/djm? (like i said, out of the loop with gear - ive never actually used CDJ2000s - the last time i djed in a club was when everyone just had 1000s).

Ideally also id like to be able to make use of sampling functions to be able to play, say, acapellas over tracks. so i guuess haveing 4 tracks is fine for this, being able to play more than 2 tracks at a time. so whether it be playing an accappella or sample over two tracks whilst mixing them together, or even just sampling/acapella over the current track im playing in between mixing/before mixing in the cue of the next track.

so i guess im just wondering, for these needs, would the DDJ-SZ be fine to use in my bedroom environment, and then translate that to the club enrivonment?

Cheers all,

ol greg