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Did they not focus on regional areas and avoid metro when they first started the NBN? Because the rollout in Sydney metro has been very pissweak.

The whole socialist agenda subsidising regional bumfucks who made a lifestyle choice by living away from the greater population is pretty darn wasteful imo. These people should simply have sold their homes and moved closer to exchanges

Regional areas are mostly on fixed wireless which is a completely different project delivery stream from fibre.

Inner metro-areas are generally not used as rollout grounds for large network delivery projects - reason being that the failure domain is too large. You move to the more dense areas once you have your processes down pat.

Metro areas have had the biggest issues with the roll-out due to the multi-dwelling units and bodies corporate general intransigence when it comes to coughing up for internal cabling remediation (with hindsight it should have been presented with a FTTB option)

However, the current government are the ones who screwed the pooch on delivery timelines. The halt, renegotiation, design changes, validation & certification have added 3-4 years to the project timeframes. The idea that it would turn things around *quicker* was total insanity.

As soon as reuse of existing HFC networks was in scope - any planned builds for areas covered by those networks was canned - that takes up a fair proportion of the 'high value' metro portions of Melbourne and Sydney.


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I hate it when you're right and I'm not.