cdj900 with s4 and rekordbox?
hey all,

so i was thinking about upgrading from my NI S4 to one of the Pio DDJ- midi controllers.

But now im thinking of just getting 2 cdj900s and using them with the mixer of my s4.

I realise i will only be able to use Traktor this way (or at least i think thats the case), but what i am wanting to know is if i can still use the cdjs and rekordbox function (whilst using the s4 as the mixer) to save cue points etc on tracks to usb so that i can do the whole take-the-usb-to-the-cdj-set-up-in-the-club-and-plug-and-play thing.

Can anyone offer any advice on this?

I cant quite afford a mixer as well as the two cdjs, so if i could get by with prepping my sets at home with the CDJs and the S4 mixer in traktor, and then just saving my cues etc to usb and take that to the pioneer set-up in the club, that would be sweet.