moving from bedroom dj to the greater world!
hey guys,

ive been djing in my bedroom and at house parties etc. for the past 5 years or so (lost the interest for a few years whilst finishing uni, but now finished uni and keen on it again).

Im just wondering, how does one go from where I am at to spinning in a club....any club to begin with, i really dont doesnt have to be brown alley straight up.

I will say, i tend to go to Railway in Brunswick a fair bit, and i liked the dj spinning in the bar part so i did a bit of searching and found out who he is (turns out hes the resident) and found him on fb...have had a bit of a fb chat with him a little while back just saying l like the stuff he was spinning etc...

so im thinking it would probs be a good idea to perhaps send him a link to my soundcloud and ask him to check it out/let me know of anything going that might be able to get some air time at.

any other thoughts on this?

Thanks guys!