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Keep doing what you're doing. Go out, talk to DJs, talk to promoters, get yourself known, then eventually ask for a spot, or you might even get luck and get offered one without asking. Sending out Soundcloud links doesn't really work that much if they don't know who you are.

I got my first gig at the Railway this Sunday, it's taken quite a while but that's the best advice I can give, I imagine others will pretty much say the same thing.

Hey Shr3dder!

Thanks for the advice, good to know...i have always kind of thought there's prob not much luck sending out links to my soundcloud mixes, as I have no doubt the important people are bombarded with that stuff all the time from budding djs. So, good to know that i assumed correctly. I think I will still email a link of my soundcloud to the guy I met/have on FB (sort of know, in the barest sense) that djs in the pub part of Railway....

And that's awesome about your gig this weekend man, congrats! Are you spinning at Sunny on Saturday or Bortz and Mayer on Sunday? I'll probably be at one of the two - what's your DJ alias, I'll come check you out!