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First a quick history lesson. ITM was founded in 2000 by Andre Lackmann, Libby Clark, and Neil Ackland. Something of a pet project initially, over the years that followed, every facet of ITM (news/reviews/events/forums) grew together into something great.

In the late 00's, ITM expanded beyond dance music into sister sites FasterLouder, Mess&Noise, and SameSame. The parent company (formerly inthemix dot net) became The Sound Alliance. In this time, great investment was put into dragging the family of sites into the social media age. Forum posters from back then will probably remember this best as the controversial ITM 2.0 redesign. Whether or not the outcome of that was successful, there was no question that wherever TSA went, Drey wanted the communities to come with it.

Following this, the ITM forums peaked and then pointed into a gentle decline. At some point both Drey and Libby moved on to other ventures. TSA broadened its horizons further with new sites AWOL (travel) and Junkee (sorta Buzzfeedy). Then in June of this year, The Sound Alliance rebranded as Junkee Media, cementing their new direction.

Here's what the current front page of ITM looks like. You can access the other Junkee sites by clicking "More Junkee Channels" at top right. http://inthemix.junkee.com/

Unfortunately, this business direction does not involve forum communities in the way ITM/TSA used to. Indeed, in my communication with Junkee HQ in the past two years as we (powerless mods) have tried to fix things, the message has clearly been that they would do what was needed to allow us to keep existing - but there would be no investment in the community beyond that. Truth be told, I'd have been happy enough with that, as long as we had a fully functioning site, and the appropriate access to manage it. Unfortunately we still don't have that, and we seem to slip further from it each month. Now I struggle to contact them at all.

In the past few months:
  • SameSame has been sold to another company
  • The FasterLouder forum has been shut down and removed completely
  • Mess&Noise seems to have received an upgrade to their forum software along the lines of the one planned for ITM. Theirs sits half finished, and they have seen a mass exodus of users.
  • ITM has seen a disconnection from the main site (no more embedded articles etc) which is a logical step to a software upgrade, because there is lots of old custom code that needs to be retired first. But many things are broken, have been for a couple of weeks, and no communication about any of this has been forthcoming.

This is all I know. There is absolutely nothing we can do. And while I've been hopeful and optimistic for the longest time, it's going to take a miracle to come back from this. Some say we're the last sad idiots hanging on to this place, but dammit man... an online community is a community. Some of us have been here for over ten years, and in that time lots of magic has happened, extending into real life friendships and more. And it's all at death's door, in the name of a new business model.

I'm not throwing the towel in just yet. There is a still a core group of rotters here that I like talking to, and as long as the bar is open I'll pull up a stool. I wish I had some sliver of hope to offer though.

If you're inclined to throw your 2c in:




I have heard from HQ. The migration to new software & hosting is still happening, but not smoothly.


Still struggling over here with the vbulletin migration. Their engineers are pretty flat out refusing to migrate over due to sheer size of the data. I'm looking at potentially archiving and only bringing across the active forums (active = activity in the last 6 months).

UPDATE 2 (May 2016):


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