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It's been quite a while (lol) since my last post...but it's really really sad to read and hear about this. So much of who I am & what I've done in my life (yes #Mickstah et al I'm looking at you) is thanks to the ITM community. Tonight I sat around a table of friends all of whom are ex-timers (becy, swishfish, funkedub)...people I would never have known if it wasn't for this forum. and that's just my experience right now...

I know important & precious this crew is to so many of you & it a devastating to hear its getting shafted. This community has been integral to the success of inthemix over the years and its shameful that it isn't given the recognition it absolutely deserves. I hope that you find a space to continue the legacy (& I'm sure you will)...

Peace Out x

From what I gathered last night, you're not posting here because you've posted a small novel on Twitter.
For all of your musical needs*

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*musical needs most likely not met