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You get mod, he gets mod, everyone gets mod!

We (GCP&G nerds) have also been discussing another forum. Reddit is no replacement for a forum, but most people are on there these days. We've got peeps who could set up a new forum easily (with some sick old school ITM theming) but then someone has to maintain the code, pay for hosting etc. And we wouldn't be able to take the ITM database with us.

So, still sitting here hand-wringing. But do drop into /r/inthemix. Hopefully we can ITMify it somewhat.

Can't PM you. I have a dedicated server. If you guys want to set up a new forum I can host it. It sucks about the database. edit #2, at least for a while I guess: 4x2.5 GHz, 1TB of storage, 4G ram and 5TB of bandwidth.

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