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I guess these things just die a natural death. With regionalized scenes, and most people plugged into various facebook groups, all the discussion of music and events is there.

Unfortunately it means that you do miss out on a lot of stuff, and can't have those really long music discussions. I'm actually surprised that ITM has all the EMC stuff going on - it's super top level industry stuff, and really cuts out the majority of dance music fans, DJs, and people putting on events, rave crews etc. It's kind of hard to have a community when a lot of the community isn't part of it. Is that just a sign of dance music being super popular, that it can be an industry/consumer divide instead...?

The feature articles have seriously dropped in quality too, mostly listicals.

Yeah they still appear to have contacts with the now very consolidated big end promoters (sony?) But with thier junkee brand, it doesnt work exactly with festivals or gigs yet... that will change maybe? Or not.

Lacking the old content is leaving a gap that themusic or someone may end up stealing... if they care or dont act

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