My end of year mix. Stylin 124 - 128 bpm beats for the new year.

Shui Feng - Space Pilgrim
Double Needle Project - Light in the Dark (Julian Rodriguez mix)
Uvo - Until the End (David Mehr mix)
Kintar - Es Vedra
Robert Babicz - Auralphase (Cid Inc Vs Darin Epsilon mix)
Advents Rising - Return
German Brigante - So Good (D-Nox & Beckers mix)
Sapiens & Springa - April Heart
Tim Penner & Darin Epsilon - No Regrets
Max Graham - Redemption
Loco & Jam - Perfect Execution
Max Graham - Airtight (Tim Penner mix)
Hot SInce '82 - Veins
Blufeld - The Vivid Unknown
Johnny Kaos - Trascendence (Original Stick)
Audio Noir - Far from Home feat Jimmie Westwood (Airwave mix)

Something Coming.