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Best case scenario they remove the forums from this shitty junkee etc. site or give us a separate domain, turn control over to us with a clean bug free install to do with what we want and continue the community

Sadly that rarely works. Seen it happen dozens of times over the years -- a forum dies and it's transplanted or revived elsewhere; it's okay for a month or two when the oldies come out of the woodwork for nostalgic value, but they soon go back to their normal posting habits and the forum dies shortly thereafter. You can't save a forum without an influx of new members to replace the ones that leave, something ITM has struggled with pretty much since Facebook became the main social medium.

These forums are probably left on life support because the forum analytics are too valuable to the overall site metrics, what's ultimately pitched to advertisers. The sad truth is this forum will never recover and it's only a matter of time before someone switches the life support off.