Time to revisit where we are now as a city? Recent events have been -

• Old mate's #casinomike facebook post attempting to validate the lockout lows
• Social media backlash
• Influx of articles both mainstream and less well known, documenting (on top of everything else already written) the shortsightedness and corrupt nature of the laws
• Successful Keep Sydney Open rally attracting approximately 15,000 people marching for what's right and for the reasons listed below (see spoiler)
• Upcoming Reclaim The Streets 19 March event

The above is just a quick snapshot and isn't comprehensive.

I sincerely hope that we (the organisers, punters, people who care, show up, and voice their concerns) as a group and movement can enact change and that there is hope for change. What is the gut feeling from other's out there? Are you hopeful? Do you think there is a chance that #casinomike's stance will change? Do you think we can go from what we are now to what Melbourne is? Even if there is a chance, it obviously won't be overnight and would be watering down first? Even talking about this sort of stuff makes me feel like I'm getting ahead of myself, meaning that there isn't much hope? It's fucking depressing.

Melbourne's experience with lockout laws -

Points For The Laws

Restores the balance between Melbourne's vibrant nightlife and the increase in alcohol-related violence, anti-social behaviour and alcohol related health problems.
Stops pub crawls that lead to violence.
Reduces the amount of people 'venue hopping' late at night often after they have been kicked out of another venue.
The majority of alcohol related violence occurs on the streets as people move from venue to venue not in the actual venues themselves.
Late entry bans control the movement of people and allow police to target key times around 2am. This gives police a greater ability to manage people not in a venue late at night.
The lock-out will last for five hours, giving police time to clear the streets and for drunks to sober up.

Note: Venues generally close at either 1am, 3am or 5/6/7am (it is unusual for a venue to close at 2am)

Points Against The Laws

The majority of law-abiding people punished by the actions of a small minority.
Loss of freedom of choice.
Reduction in civil liberties.
Having to choose one venue for the rest of your night.
Spoils what makes Melbourne a wonderful city.
Death of the entertainment scene and vibe in Melbourne.
Hospitality staff unable to go out after work.
Shift-workers unable to go out after work.
Bands & DJs unable to travel to late gigs.
Not being able to meet friends at other venues.
Venues closing after 3am selectively choosing which patrons to let inside.
Venues closing after 3am raising cover charges.
1am-2am spillover period with the streets full of people.
Queues outside venues that stay open after 3am forming before 2am.
Still standing in a queue when the clock hits 2am leads to a large group being stranded on the street.
Having such a large group of people roaming the streets will only add more problems for an already stretched police force.
Queues and tension hailing taxis at 2am for those left stranded, thus now unable to continue their night.
Queues and tension hailing taxis at 3am for those leaving 3am-closing venues, thus now unable to continue their night.
Small-capacity late-opening venues unable to replace ejected patrons, leading to a sparser crowd.
Small-capacity late-opening venues unable to replace patrons going home, leading to a sparser crowd.
Increased operational costs for venues, which will be passed on to the patron.
Loss of revenue and business for venues.
Door staff (cashiers, greeters etc) having their hours of work cut back at least 10 hours per week.
Loss of hospitality jobs.
1am happy hours at post-3am venues to lure patrons away from other, earlier-closing venues.
Vehicle travel to non-curfewed entertainment areas - increased risk of drink-drivers & road accidents.
Thousands of revellers descending on e.g. Moonee Ponds after 2am.
Devaluation in city apartment prices.
Encourages illegal after-hours bars to operate.
No readily-accessible statistics made available to the public on violence levels.


I don't go to be in the VIP area.. I don't need big breaks, a big song with a buildup and lights and smoke.. all you need is a kickdrum and a good bassline. You don't need any of that other shit. Na, I'm not going for none of those reasons.. I'm just going for the music.