The anti lockout people have to stop using the term "nanny state" , it just gives the pro people another thing to use against you. Really push the obvious such as the two guys killed in Sydney were killed well before midnight , their violence ha nothing to do with the clubs, leap in casino violence, violence was going down before the lockout laws were set. Melbourne did well because it was the troublesome clubs that were monitored , and still are. We now have all night transport at weekends and public holidays.

It probably should be more about the fact that it really doesn't do much good , like the dogs , and does a lot of harm to our economy. Plus there are better ways, as Melbourne has proved.

The Guardian has quite a bit on this subject and some of the comments are really good. One guy in particular has come up with some really valid stuff.

But yeah, keep up the good work and good luck.
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BAHAHA, you sir - are a twit, have you ever met Di?

She celebrated the invention of the wheel by going clubbing