For The Record's 50th release is a special one, not only because we've reached the momentous occasion of having fifty releases under our belt, but also because we've managed to get boss-man, Louay, back into the studio to write an exclusive track.
In a fitting, roundabout way, this release will show the natural progression that label has taken, from where we started over three years ago, to where you see us today.
Simply titled 'Idiom', the track is a progressive based number, awash with deep melodic sounds, designed not only to keep your mind at peace, but also to reflect the best things in life. With a cheeky nod towards New Order's 'Blue Monday', Louay has aimed to bring the experience of pleasure to the front of his work to help display the growth that the label has experienced since its inception.
We'd like to take this chance to thank all of our supporters who have had our back since we begun this label. The journey for us has been such an amazing experience with a lot of hard work, joy and happiness. Here's to the next 50 releases!