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Very happy to have made the switch to Bigpond cable last month - especially since the writing is on the wall for iinet.

Moved from ADSL2+ Telstra to Aussie Broadband Fibre 100/40 (300gb) and was only paying $75.00/mth, was the best deal out there I reckon and it really blew my mind how fast it was. Telstra was absolutely dismal however, exchange was overloaded and even at 9pm we were still only getting approx 2.5Mbit DL & 0.6Mbit UL.

Now my partner and I own our own home less than 3km from our old house and can no longer get NBN, on Exetels Unlimited ADSL2+ plan now @ $59.99/mth (included phone line rental) and its a neat compromise.


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Anyone know how much it costs to get a cable run from the street to the house, my street has cable, but I'm in a newly built set of units that hasn't been hooked up from the street. Apparently we have to cover the cost of getting that done. Any one here ever had that done?

TPG is killing me.

I didn't realise that it actually cost for them to hook up a service on which they are benefiting!

But a quick google search has shown a few people stating that a new line connection fee to the house is approx $299.