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Vintage 80's sets with the switchgear/lights and powered rails were way cooler than these newfangled battery sets.

the powered rails were good because they ran off MAINS POWER THROUGH THE CONTROLLER DOWN THE CABLE INTO THE TRACKS. MUTHA ****** while the newer ones rely on stupid batteries

but the new ones have the advantage of being individually controllable over radio or something (?) while I think the old ones basically all went at the same speed depending on what was coming through the tracks. You could still isolate separate parts of track from each other to run different segments at different speeds though, but that's still not as good - that's what the guy in that video did; he's cheating and runs the 3 trains each on different loops of track, and while you can see the loops are connected by switches/points he says in the comments that he modified them to isolate the electric circuits. Or I guess in theory it shouldn't be that hard to hack in a custom radio controller thing so each train can be controlled separately (and on more than just 3 stupid channels like the OTS battery one) while still drawing power from the tracks. Though batteries aren't as shit as they used to be and have their own advantages idk

because really, if you're not doing it properly by having sensors reading the location of each train and feeding it to a "server" (probs just a r-pi) that individually controls each separate train and each set of points, then why even bother I mean seriously
i know the first three numbers