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yeah bracko i meant sections only as a shitty compromise way of controlling multiple lego trains with the old power-over-rails method, since the way they were speed controlled was just to adjust the amount of power sent through the tracks which isn't that great if you have multiple trains on the same track. using either the battery trains out of the box (limited to only 3 channels though) or powered track at constant power with a wifi control hack in each train would obviously be better

agreed signal blocks are old & dumb; i remember like years ago lolling at the fact that train networks here still use them when gps could make things more efficient (especially since one of the most common reasons given for passenger train delays in brisbane is "signal fault" lol) but some ITMer (thought it might have been you but it was probably quantum8 ) at the time was like "yeah never gonna happen tho"

for lego i was thinking you'd really want to use ibeacons instead though?? even outdoors, gps wouldn't be as good at lego scale. i guess it depends on what kind of microcontrollers & sensors you have available and how they work within the power & size requirements etc; i already mentioned wifi for the management system but iBeacons are bluetooth LE - it'd probably be easy enough to have it use one and not both of those if you really needed to i guess

At lego scale to control trains by gps you'd need to send a lego scale earth up into space, then have lego scale gps satellites orbiting said lego earth and being held in place by a lego earth scaled gravitational pull, which would then only really be possible with a lego scaled solar system.

All up to make that happen, it's going to be a lot of lego.
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