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Typically Sydney attitude. Each wanker cyclist still represents a car off the road and for every dangerous cyclist there are 20x dangerous drivers.

Also aiming the discussion at the lowest common denominator isn't really the point, innit.

I don't really care if cyclists want to risk their life riding on the road, weaving in and out of traffic or running red lights. If they get hit, they get hit. Their fault.

BUT, when they're riding their bikes in a shared zone that is the main path to a primary school, and coming very close to those kids and the parents that walk with them, then I have no problem with them getting pinged for their poor riding.

As a pedestrian, I shouldn't have to worry about getting clipped by these speeding riders as they whip down the hill with no care for anyone around them.

The majority of riders do the right thing. But many don't. I'd be happy with more people riding their bikes instead of driving into the CBD. But they need to do it legally and safely. Riders want cars to treat them with respect. Pedestrians want the same thing from cyclists.